Julia Gerson of MAXQDA on the partnership with Simon Says A.I.

MAXQDA and Simon Says recently partnered to bring its leading A.I. cloud and on-premise transcription to the leading qualitative research tool to help

Start analyzing research interviews in minutes: Simon Says AI transcripts seamlessly import into MAXQDA.

To read how to export from Simon Says to A.I.:

Interview with Julia Gerson, Product Manager at MAXQDA.

  1. What is MAXQDA?

MAXQDA is a world-leading software package for qualitative and mixed methods research and the only comprehensive software in its field to offer identical features on Windows and Mac.

The first version of MAXQDA was released in the spring of 1989, in Berlin, Germany. The product name “MAXQDA” begins with a nod to the German sociologist Max Weber and ends with the abbreviation QDA — which stands for Qualitative Data Analysis.

Today MAXQDA is used by thousands of researchers in more than 150 countries around the world. Our software is employed by research institutions, universities, and market-leading corporations.

Julia Gerson, Product Manager for MAXQDA

2. Our mission and our customers

MAXQDA has been developed, created, and distributed by researchers since the very beginning. Today, 30 years since it’s founding, VERBI Software is a multigenerational family-owned business driven with a passion for research methods, analysis methodologies, and modern software solutions. We develop and innovate MAXQDA’s features and functions with our fellow researchers in mind.

MAXQDA is specifically designed to be intuitive to users at every level of experience, flexible enough for every theoretical framework, and powerful enough for every research project goal. With that in mind, we also place great value on producing a wide variety of free learning materials available to every MAXQDA user, including an extensive and comprehensive Online Manual.

3. MAXQDA and Simon Says

For many of our customers the transcription of audio or video recordings is an important step in their research projects. MAXQDA provides all the standard transcription functions for manual transcription on-board, but automatic transcription services have started to play a big role with many of our customers wanting to use a service like Simon Says to save time and effort.

We have embraced the technological advancement in the field of AI based automatic transcription by building designated import options for transcriptions created with different tools.

We are excited that the latest update of MAXQDA can import transcripts that were created with the cloud-based or on-premise solution of Simon Says. We had received multiple requests from MAXQDA users who wanted to use Simon Says as the transcription service of their choice. With the new import they are now able to import the written version of their recordings alongside the media file and keep both files linked to each other via the timestamps that were created in Simon Says.

It only takes two steps to import a Simon Says transcript into MAXQDA:

1. Export the transcript in Simon Says using the “MAXQDA” export options

2. Import the transcript into MAXQDA using “Import > Transcripts > From Simon Says”

This partnership between Simon Says and MAXQDA offers researchers the opportunity to use the software of their choice for automatic transcription as well as qualitative analysis.

Thank you to Julia Gerson and her team at MAXQDA for making the partnership with Simon Says happen.

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