Simon Says 3.0 (macOS / Final Cut Pro X Extension) and other July updates

New Mac app, Collaboration, Increased Accuracy + Improvements

The new Simon Says 3.0 macOS and Final Cut Pro X Extension

A lot has been happening at Simon Says AI with new features and improvements to accurately transcribe, caption, and translate your audio and video projects.

Here are three updates:

  1. Simon Says 3.0 (macOS) is live in the App Store. Yaaay. 🥳
    Download it if you haven’t already.

You can now:
-edit your transcript right in the Mac application and FCPX extension.

Simon Says transcript editor macOS

-The transcript editor is web-based. When you click the “Edit” button in the macOS app, the in-app browser launches and you can edit, bookmark, and annotate as you like. You can also click the share icon and invite teammates to the project too.

Simon Says share destination in FCPX
Simon Says is now a share destination in FCPX.

-use share destination in FCPX: export your Final Cut Pro project and receive captions and titles. You can also use share destination to send complex clips and receive ranges.

2. Collaboration: we have a big update, which will be especially helpful as more teams are now working remotely. Empower teammates and clients by inviting them to your projects with view-only or edit rights.

They can bookmark key lines, edit speaker names, leave notes, and export straight to their editing application.

Start collaborating today by clicking the share icon in your project.

Simon Says teams
Collaborate with teammates, clients, and colleagues.

3. Plus a bunch of other improvements like:
-better subtitle splitting at punctuation;
-export burn-in subtitles with your video;
-new export options like to “Avid SubCap”;
-increased accuracy and additional transcription & translation languages.

Simon Says: