Simon Says AI macOS app v2.5 | improved transcript page design

Responsive | Better use of space | Keyboard Shortcuts

There are three user-facing updates (and a bunch under the hood) in our latest Simon Says macOS transcription product release, v2.5.

The key motivation was exploring how a user could get more value from the transcript screen.

  • Keyboard shortcuts: navigate the transcript or translation faster.
Simon Says keyboard shortcuts
  • Updated design of the transcript page: better layout.

Specifically: a) removing all the wasted space at the top of the page that we previously had; and b) responsiveness for even very-wide modes.

Simon Says macOS app — wide
Very wide
simon says macos app — medium01
Medium 01
simon says macos app — medium02
Medium 02
simon says macos app — small

The toolbar has even been repositioned near the Export button to allow more of the transcript page to show.

See description below for what each icon is.

1 = search

2 = launch transcript editor

3 = bookmark filter

4 = information / tips

5 = edit timecode / resolution

6 = export

  • Folders (which technically appeared a few weeks ago): better organization of transcripts.
Simon Says macos app — new folders

We hope you like the new designs. As always, send us any feedback.

To download the latest macOS app from the Apple App Store:

To use Simon Says on the web:

Happy transcribing, captioning, and translating,

the Simon Says AI team