Simon Says Assemble: text-based video editing is here!

Lock story by highlighting and ordering soundbites, in the web and with your team/client. Then seamlessly export to complete the video in you editing application.

Simon Says Assemble, text-based video editing
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Editing video just got faster.

We launched our newest product:

Simon Says Assemble, for text-based video editing

We solved transcription and made finding the meaningful dialogue in your interviews easy. Now you can simply highlight these meaningful soundbites in your transcript and order them as you like to dynamically form your video.

Text-based video editing has arrived.

Assembly edits just got so much easier

Then invite teammates and clients — no matter where they are — to comment and edit — all from the web and with no technical knowledge needed.

Edit video as easily as editing a Google Doc. Assemble is real-time, collaborative, and live.

Goodbye endless feedback-implement-export loops.

Lock story with your team, on the web, with Assemble

With the story locked, complete the edit in your video editing application. Seamlessly export to FCPX, Adobe, Avid, and Resolve where the timeline auto-magically recreates and relinks with the original media at the correct in and out points. Seriously.


  • edits are freed from the silos of a computer/NLE
  • story moves forward, faster, to the right stakeholders for quicker approvals
  • editors are liberated from the tedium to better focus on the creative

Be more creative. Work better.

Try Simon Says Assemble

Assemble mode is accessible from your dashboard. Import your transcribed media to an Assemble project to get started.

Thank you for letting us be part of your incredible stories. Let’s push the craft forward.

— Shamir
Founder & CEO