Transcribe clips and caption timelines within DaVinci Resolve with Simon Says

Native transcription, subtitling, and translation has arrived for Resolve on Macs. YAAAY!

Simon Says is now natively accessible within Resolve for Macs: transcribe clips, caption timelines.
Simon Says is now available for Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve (macOS)

We are excited to announce that Simon Says is now accessible, natively, within Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve on Macs. This means you can send clips and receive the transcript as ranged markers, color coded per speaker and then when you’ve completed your edit, you can caption timelines and even align translated subtitles. All with a few clicks from Resolve.

Download the updated Simon Says macOS app which installs the required Resolve scripts and is the necessary companion application. See our how-to article.

DaVinci Resolve is one of the most exciting non-linear editors on the scene today. They have a growing, passionate user base, in part because of their unique strategy to sell great cameras with tightly coupled software addons and in part because they offer a high-end video editing application for the grand price of, uh hem, free.

Simon Says has a deep focus on video professionals and post production workflows. We support frame-based transcription. Export to the major NLEs: you know them, FCPX, Premiere Pro, Avid, and, yes, Resolve. Heck, we even built an extension for FCPX at Apple’s invite in 2018.

We have our ear to the (production) ground.

And over the past few years, users have asked if they can transcribe their rushes, dailies, and raw footage that they have in Resolve and then receive markers. We have an option to export transcribed timelines to Resolve but until now there hasn’t been a way to attach markers to clips in Resolve, the primary way editors want to work.

So we discussed it internally. Deliberated. Made a pros vs cons list.

It lasted 83 seconds.

Of course we’re gonna support our Resolve users!

(The hard part was actually wading through the effectively-undocumented Resolve API …👋 Hi Blackmagic developer evangelists, 🤙 call us. :) )

And today, Simon Says is the first company to support AI transcription in Resolve.

Download the just-released Simon Says macOS app that installs the Resolve scripts and is the necessary sidekick that communicates between Resolve and the cloud AI server. (More info here.)

Yip yip hooray. We can’t wait to hear about the cool video endeavors you use Simon Says on and any feedback you have for us. Thanks for letting us be part of your productions.

To sign up to Simon Says and get free credit to try it out: