How to transcribe video on-premises with AI.

How to transcribe video on-premises with AI.
Install Simon Says on-prem to Mac, PC, Linux

Install the applications

Install the Simon Says on-prem graphical user interface (GUI) and AI applications on your Mac, PC, or Linux computer. Enter the IP address of the AI into the GUI so the two applications can talk to each other and activate the license. Ensure your computer has at least 16GB of RAM and 20GB of available hard drive space before you install.

Import your media to Simon Says on-prem

Import your media

Create a new project and import your audio and video files by dragging and dropping them into the purple import box.

Click Transcribe

Click Transcribe

The AI supports dozens of languages. Select the language that the audio recording is in and then click Transcribe. Your files will transcode to be in the appropriate format/codec for the AI and then transcribe locally on your computer. No data is sent to the cloud. The speed to transcribe is a function of the duration of your media, the CPU/memory capacity of your computer, and the number of concurrent tasks your computer is handling.

Edit Simon Says transcripts

Edit the transcript

When the AI completes transcribing, the transcript will appear in the GUI. Add speaker labels, edit it, add notes, and bookmark the transcript. The transcript saves locally. The accuracy of the transcript is better when each speaker is recorded with their own microphone; speakers don't talk over each other; and the recording is free from music, sound effects, and other background noise.

Export to text, subtitles, & NLEs

Export to subtitles and video editing applications

When you finish making any edits, click Export and select the export format you need for your workflow. Options include text, SRT subtitles, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro X.

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