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Seamlessly import audio & video from and export their transcripts back to Dropbox



Dropbox partnered with Simon Says to make it efficient to transcribe your media in the places they reside. Import your audio and video from Dropbox. Export your transcripts back to Dropbox. All within a few clicks.


When you want to transcribe a project, go to Simon Says and begin a new project. Import your media by simply clicking the Dropbox icon to launch Dropbox. Navigate or search to where your media is and select the audio and video files you want to transcribe and translate.


Simon Says supports all popular media codecs and formats and file sizes up to 20GB when importing from Dropbox. If you have media larger than 20GB, consider using the macOS application which does not have file size limits. Note: the duration of an individual media file can be up to 4 hours.


Once you transcribe and translate your project: edit, bookmark, annotate, and share it! Then click "Export" and choose the format you desire. To export to Dropbox select the icon below "Let's Do It".

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