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Shamir Allibhai

Founder & CEO

Video + A.I. product manager, storyteller: I love asking questions and hearing people reflect on their formative experiences.
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Roderick Hodgson


I’m a creative technologist and a developer. I see technology as a tool to help me do creative and inspiring things.
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Mike Matzdorff

Head of Industry

Longtime film pro, father, and storyteller. And a guy who likes to make funny voices.
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Bhautik Gadhiya

Swift Engineer

I love learning and figuring out challenges, especially when they entail developing applications for iOS and macOS.
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Thai Phan

Backend Developer

Backend Developer who loves to learn new things, play football, walk, travel, and go for exploratory walks while I'm on my travels.
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Jorge Echeverría

Frontend Engineer

Software Engineer with a passion for web development. I love to travel, meet new people, and find new cultures.
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Neha Singh

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer

I'm software testing expert with 10+ years of industry experience in web, desktop and mobile app testing.
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